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Ramblings of a LttleDvl

Surely, You Jest. Or else I jest. Somedays, I can't tell which...

Geek | Fanfic Writer | Sci-fi nerd | Hippy | Pagan | Redneck | Squirrel!

Welcome to Ramblings of a LttleDvl. Why such a name you ask? Well, because I certainly do ramble. A LOT! I have quite a few interests as you can see (which is not an all-inclusive list) and some days you can never tell what I'll post.

Ask me why I'm a squirrel some day...

Also making news; I've gotten into fanfiction. So far I've written a few for Stargate Atlantis (not including the two crack fics I did for SGA) and buttloads of Power Rangers SPD. No, I don't really know why. All I can say is that my kids were watching this show and somehow I got hooked. *shrugs* Just goes to prove that I have a twisted and silly muse. I can only expect that I will get drawn into other fandoms too. (like the A-Team. *snuggles*)

What else is there to me? The gods only know! All I can say is stuff! Yah stuff!

Drop in and give me a line why don't ya!

Oh and a word of caution; I am a southern redneck. Converted southern, though I've had people tell me that after 20+ years and growing up in the south that I can be counted as a native. As such, if you spend any time here, you'd better get used to seeing words like y'all, reckon, don'cha and what ever else I may randomly type out. Translations should not be necessary. I'll attempt to curb my deranged accent for y'alls viewing pleasure. Wait, does that make sense?? *scratches head*

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