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allo? anyone home?

*peeks around*

Long time no see, eh?

A lot, a lot a lot of stuff has happened/changed since I last checked in here. The short story is...

- went to Australia for 3 & 1/2 years
- life got wonky
- graduated just this past December with a BA (woot!)
- currently residing in the Seattle area
- got a job at a call center (not great, but I'll take it for now)

Now working on getting a car and housing, not necessarily in that order.

How's y'all? :)



May. 2nd, 2010

My mantra for the day ...

"Thou shalt not clean."

...ok, I'll do dishes and laundry, but everything else can take a hike! ;p


Happy Merry Holidays!

From Down Under where there's no snow and plenty of heat!! (like 88 it is today) Oddly, the rains are late this year, we should be having daily showers by now.

All's well except for my broken laptop screen. Still waiting on that to come in. Takes so long to arrive from overseas. (am using the hubby comp just now)

Just wanted to pop by and wish y'all a Happy Holidays!



Random is Random

No Thanksgiving = no Black Friday?

Hearing from friends back in the US on the day after Turkey Day shopping melee made me realize that I haven't seen one here.

Do they have a Black Whatever Day? I haven't heard about it at least. Personally, it's kind of nice knowing that there isn't one. I never did understand the appeal of standing outside a store at omg it's so early it's still dark outside.

You heard of Facebook? That other place you can go and keep up with your friends? The one that after a while you get so sucked into keeping up with your games that you start to ignore your friends? That is unless you need another whitewash fence to keep your cows in. ;p

Yes, I'm addicted to that, what of it.

(hey, I said it was random in the subject line)

And now, a philosophical question...
Dirty dishes in the morning or dirty dishes in the evening?

Hope y'all are well and those that dined on turkey thursday had a good holiday.

here comes the rain again

Is it about time for my sporadic update? Why, yes I think so! Just like the subject line says, we are getting into the start of the wet season. Had some rainshowers the past two nights and misting this morning.

Why does it always rain on the days I'm supposed to do laundry?

Anyway, things are good, the school semester is almost over. Just finishing up one last art project and then have on exam next week. Then it will be all over. School won't start back up until February. Conveniently misses all the rain. I wonder if they did that on purpose? Cuz wouldn't it suck to miss class because the road is under water? lol

In the next couple of weeks (by end of the month) I'll have new pictures up. Haven't been uploading lately since the internet here isn't truly 'unlimited'. We do still have upload/download limits, just that with 'unlimited' we don't get charged heinous overages. lol So instead, I'll be sucking up the university's bandwith with pics. And since I haven't been on campus much this month, my account has lots of space. :D

That's ... actually about it. How's y'all doing?

*peeks from under the bedsheets*

Hrm, what happened to that me posting more often thing? *looks for it, can't find it* Anyway, was just tolling through the flist and omg, what a mess that is. Too many comms that I really don't need clogging up stuff.

I think I shall have to do some LJ house cleaning.

I've been swamped with class assignments of late, and I don't even know how I'll manage to get them all done.

But I have faith. Tis odd, but I believe in the purview of 'it'll get done somehow'.

In the meantime, I do have lots more pics of Australia. But nothing new uploaded just yet. I think I shall have to open something on photobucket as the space limit on flickr is too small. That, and it would be more efficent to use the uni's network than the home one as the uni seems faster and we don't hit that download/upload limits like we have at home. We *did* get the upgrade and went with the unlimited service, but while that means we won't get lovely, overstuffed bills, we do still get massive slowdowns when transferring large amounts of data. Even downloading a word doc from the school website can take ungodly forever.

Anyways, I ramble on. Just wanted to let y'all know that I am still alive. Even if I am still in my pjs. ;p
Just been really, really busy.

Spent the holiday up near Seattle (omg, the snow!) then went to Maryland for the New Year. Yah, I've been traveling a bit. ;)

And its about to get moreso.

I'll be moving early this spring. To Australia.

Aka, lots of work sorting through and getting rid of junk. So if I fall off the LJ radar, it's probably because I'm digging through loads of stuff in the house.

Or something.

How's everyone else doing in this New Year.

(and no, you can't ask me for a kangaroo, a koala or a eucalyptus tree. Someone else already did that. ;)

Holiday Holas!

Hope y'all are having a good holiday! See ya soon!

Happy Turkey Day!

I totally blame this on sky_more_blue.


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